I am a welcoming and experienced counselling psychologist and psychotherapist with my practice based in Vicenza and Padova. I can provide professional psychological counselling and psychotherapy in English language on issues such as:

Relationship problems
Low self-esteem
Bereavement and loss
Work-related stress
Phobias and panic attack

Fertility, pregnancy and maternity
Major life changes
Lack of meaning
Post-traumatic stress
Loneliness and isolation
Life crisis

None of the above may match perfectly your issues, but you may still want to talk things over in a confidential and non judgemental setting. I work with individuals, couples and groups.
If you would like to find out more about my services and how I work please explore the site or feel free to just contact me for further assistance. Psychotherapy and counselling sessions are indeed offered in English. Furthermore, I am a Tricare provider, so if you are an USA citizen and live/work in Vicenza or in the surrounding area, your sessions with me are going to be covered by your insurance.

Therapy can help
Talking to someone who listens to you in a non judgemental way, and helps you to clarify how you feel about the events happening in your life, can immediately bring some relief and make you feel less overwhelmed and more.

It’s easier than you think!
Talking about your feelings and emotions with a professional counselling psychologist  who doesn’t know you may seem very daunting initially, but actually most clients find the experience liberating and really helpful.  And if after the initial meeting you feel it’s not for you, there is no obligation to continue.

What I can offer
I am very passionate about therapy and I really believe it can make a positive difference and be a powerful means of personal growth. A  good and dedicated therapist never stops learning and developing professionally and this is exactly what I strive to do. My clients’ psychological well-being is my mission.