I am a self-employed fully licensed Gestalt psychotherapist, psychologist, counselor, supervisor and trainer and I work with individuals, couples and groups in the areas of psychotherapy, counselling, mental health, psychopathology, trauma, as well as in the area of psychological counselling to performing artists and sport athletes. I teach Gestalt psychotherapy at the Insitute of Gestalt Therapy Kairòs in Venice and at the Himalayan Pathway Psychotherapy Insitute in Kathmandu (Nepal).  I furthermore teach and collaborate with the Gestalt psychotherapy institutes of Krakow (Poland), Poznan (Poland) and Vilnius (Lithuania). I have more than twenty-five years work experience with vulnerable people and in my career I have come across stories of people’s and families’ hardship/grief and groups of care and social workers exhausted as a result of their work. After I graduated at the Music Academy "A. Pedrollo" in Vicenza, and having done my apprenticeship within some charities as a care worker, I obtained first a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s degree in psychology at the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome, with a score of 110 and Honor/110  with a thesis on Poetry Therapy, and subsequently obtained the license to practice as a Psychologist at the University of Trieste.  I then studied Gestalt Counselling at the Center for Studies Gestalt Therapy (CSTG) in Milan and specialized in Psychotherapy at the Gestalt Therapy Kairòs Institute in Venice (Italy). I obtained a certificate in Performance Psychology at the ISSTIP (International Society for the Study of Tension in Performance) in Northwood (UK) and I am a member of that organization. I regularly attend CPD courses both in Italy and UK (at the London Gestalt Centre, British Psychological Society, University of East London, etc.). UK and Ireland are both my second home, personally and professionally, and whenever I have the opportunity I attend CDP courses in those countries. I have also been awarded the accreditation as an European psychologist (EuroPsy Psychologist).
I offer my professional and human experience to help people, couples and families to feel better paying attention to their relational experience (cognitive, emotional and body experience) and in the relationship with the environment, made of other people, objects, nature and culture. I think I have a healthy curiosity for other people and a particular sensitivity in listening to them, providing my experience and my expertise to create moments of satisfying and healthy interpersonal relationships, enriching and therapeutic, which are being transformed into well-being and personal growth. Furthermore, I have an approach to knowledge which brings me to keep deepening and researching. I'm sensitive to the individual rights of clients/patients and to multicultural and gender issues, as well as to support an ethical therapeutic practice. I am committed to  equal opportunities policy.
My other personal interests range from creative writing (with several publications of poetry in my curriculum) and its relationship  with personal growth and therapy to the practice of concentration arts such as Zen and Vipassana meditation: inn the past I spent some time at the Santacittarama Vihara of Rieti, the Cittaviveka Vihara of Cithurst-England and the Magnolia Zen Centre in Mary Esther (Florida-USA). I love music that has been an integral part of my growth as a person. My partner and myself love to travel and all the experiences related to this and we have traveled extensively in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. In 1996-1997 I also served as a Human Rights worker in the Sri Lanka project of the NGO "Peace Brigades International".